The patented Gizmo® Gundrill Whip Guide makes gundrilling easier, faster and cleaner.

  • Seals chipbox entrance for a cleaner operation
  • Dampens Vibration for longer tool life and better surface finish
  • Prevents drill whipping allowing higher RPM and increased penetration rates
  • Economical - Gizmos pay for themselves many times over
1 Flute Gizmo
2 flute Gizmo
Crimp Tube Gizmo

All available whip guides are NOT Gizmos®. Authentic Gizmos® save you many times their small cost through increased penetration rates and extended drill life. At less than a penny per hole, can you afford to be without THE REAL THING?

Proven Performance

Since its invention, the Gizmo® has gained acceptance as a necessary and integral part of the gundrilling process. Most major gundrill machine manufacturers now include Gizmos® in their new equipment designs, and older machines may be easily retrofitted by using our Gizmo® Adaptors.

Today's harder carbides, developed to give longer tool life, are even more susceptible to chipping and cracking from the vibration and whip which are inherent in the gundrilling process.

Gizmo’s® specially formulated polymer compresses to allow the gundrill tip to slide into it, and then expands to fit tightly over the gundrill tube, greatly reducing both vibration and whip.

Round Hole Gizmos®

Our latest addition to the Gizmo® line is designed to accommodate round tools, such as chips ahead reamers and BTA tools. Available from stock with solid cores, or we will drill them for you at extra cost.


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